Friday, December 17, 2010

Did they really think I would REST?!

I was sent home early from work today. Perpetual coughing and a voice that's threatening to completely give out at any moment is, apparently, a good enough reason to go home from work. My boss told me to "rest and recoup" so I would be healthy to work all weekend. Though I cannot bear to waste an entire day resting, I'm compromising by drinking tons of water (about 3 Liters thus far), take a multivitamin and some echinacea, and taking a nap for some recuperation, but I also went to the Milwaukee Public Museum (and saw the Mummies Around the World exhibit which totally ROCKED), did some journaling, and am now putting up a post that I've been meaning to do for a couple days to feel productive (and watching Celebrity Rehab because of my morbid curiosity).

A couple days ago I had a day off and had decided that I would spend it cleaning. My room was in a horrible state of chaos (as it is rather too often), and I needed to do something about it. The overwhelming state of my room meant that this was a task I was not looking forward to, so I thought I'd make it fun by photographing and blogging the process. I was not going to publicly post pictures of my enormous mess to document the progress, so I decided to take pictures of the entertaining things I found as I cleaned instead. I don't know if it's just creative types or if other people do this too, but I tend to keep the weirdest things and find them when I'm cleaning. I think I'm in the early stages of being a hoarder...
I found these sweet eyelashes at the Goodwill on State St in Madison (still in original packaging, of course). Also, they're sitting on my SWEET Samsonite vintage cosmetics case that I currently use for my art supplies (I hate those weird tool box things that 99% of the art students carry around at UWM). My mom picked up the set with this case and two suitcases at a rummage sale for like 10 bucks. Sweet!
I found giant bubble wrap. For an instant, I turned into a giddy schoolgirl at the prospect of popping these huge plastic bubbles, giggling with glee and grinning maniacally. However my fantasies were crushed when I realized that there were little channels between all the chambers, so I couldn't pop them. So sad.
The Madison Fire Department was giving these out during a parade on State St that happened to be going on the last time I was there. We (3 grown girls in their 20s) screamed loudly enough for them that the fireman handing them out passed up the little kid next to us and gave us his last three hats. We wore them the whole rest of the time we were walking State St and shopping. We knew exactly how awesome we were- we radiated the awesome.
Yes, I have an entire box of crap I don't know what to do with.... That's all I have to say about that...
The closet was the first thing to get totally cleaned up. I wish I had more room in my closet, but I guess I'll just have to use my space more efficiently- hence the cart of drawers that can be rolled in and out of my closet for storage.
Note in the bottom left corner, part of the SWEET drawing horse my friend, Lucas, made me. It's a thing of beauty. One of these days, I'll find an excuse to put a photo of the whole thing on here.

For once in my life, I have the majority of my art/craft supplies in one place (some that I don't use much are still in the basement and need to be gone through, but this is at least 60% of it). It still hasn't been totally organized, but it's on its way. Also, I totally want to replace this stupid cage thing with this from my Ikea wish list.. Anyway, now my room is vaguely clean, and the next step is painting (who wants to help?!). It's time for me to take a nap and maybe have some soup or something to make this stupid cough go away.


  1. Hope you are feeling better! Nothing beats a cough like cleaning! lol.

    TheAfterCraft from SB

  2. Coughing and cleaning. Sounds like me.

    HayleyK (SwapBot)

  3. I understand. I hate laying around knowing there is stuff that I should/would be doing. Hope you are feeling better.

    J3ss1ca (Swap-bot)